"Mike Roberts, 2016"
"Carey heirloom Portrait- Faye and Sam in Fort Worth"
"Noli and Maria, 1962"
"Mead Hardwick, Age 2"
"Cliff and Joan Carr- October 11, 1965"
"Woodard Cotton Stalks I"
"Hardwick Cotton Stalk Triptych"
"Coon Louisiana Oyster I"
"Emerge Center Groundbreaking"
"Dailey Cotton Abstraction I"
"Kight Louisiana Oyster I"
"Mrs. Theresa Foreman"
"Miller Children in Cotton Field"
"Ashley's Louisiana Oyster I"
"Clay Oyster Triptych"
"North Delta Ramble Bus Collage"
"View from Roof Top, First Street NW- Washington, DC"
"Breard 25th Anniversary Portrait"
"Marie on a Bull"
"Portrait of Grant Evans"
"Misty and Becky"
Dancing through the decades.JPG
Patrick, 2007(24x40).JPG
Valerie's Grandsons (19 x 28).JPG
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